Environmental Policy

Our Commitment

The Potter Group is committed to minimising the environmental impact of all our operations and services. Our approach has ensured we maintain our leading position in the industry and is closely linked to our commitment to quality of service and technological progress with real and demonstrable concern for the environment.


As one of the leading Welsh companies in the waste management industry, our commitment to corporate responsibility is fundamental to the delivery of our strategy. We have robust systems in place designed to ensure that we fulfil our duty of care towards the environment and comply with the various environmental and quality performance standards issued by government and regulatory bodies.

We have determined key aspects of our environmental performance under the guidelines set down by the Department For The Environment, Food and RURAL Affairs, the Environment Agency’s Sector plan for the waste management industry and our own internal environmental management systems.


The Potter Group acknowledges its responsibility to safeguard and positively contribute to the environment and the communities within which we operate.

We seek to minimise the impact of our operations and that of society's waste through the way we conduct our business, by promoting sustainable waste management practices and integrating these practices into out business activities.

Health and Safety Policy

The Potter Group is committed to provide a healthy and safe working environment for our employees, customers, visitors and the public.

Health and safety is a key and strategic aspect of our business , ranking alongside care of the environment, quality, customer service and the interests of our stakeholders.