Electricity Generation

Potter Group is highly focussed on reducing our impact on the environment by using renewable technologies that benefit the local community and help to build a more sustainable future.

Through our two landfill sites in Wales and Shropshire, we manage methane gas produced from anaerobically decomposed waste to provide renewable electricity to households through the National Grid.

Our landfill cells use specially engineered wells to collect methane and process it through reciprocating engines that drive electrical generators connected to the National Grid. These engines transform the gas into a combined total of up to 6MW of electricity - enough to power over 11,000 average* homes.

A further 2MW of heat and 200KW of electricity is generated by our two biomass plants, which process timber into enough electricity to power another 20 households.

* Figures based on OFGEM-published annual electricity demand, Typical Domestic Consumption Values, 2017. Medium house 4,200kwh/year.

Renewable Heat

In addition to our two landfill sites generating renewable electricity in Wales and Shropshire, The Group operate two biomass plants, which process timber products into renewable heat.

Timber is shredded and burnt within our biomass plants to produce condensed steam, which passes through a turbine to generate natural electricity and heat.